Original Website

When we first started working with Plus 2 University, we had a unique opportunity to build their website from scratch through our Evolution Plan. Our ultimate goal was to accurately reflect the exceptional coaching and training that they provide, leveraging photoshoots and structural changes to improve their digital presence.

Photoshoot #1

Although the training center featured pristine turf, captivating wall art, and state-of-the-art equipment, the original website wasn’t showcasing these elements to prospective clients. For this reason, we brainstormed plans to visually capture the best aspects of the building onto the website.

Pricing Tables

The limited website functionality carried over to Plus 2 University’s pricing tables. As part of our Evolution Plan, we incorporated conversion-oriented pricing tables onto the website, clearly outlining different plans, schedules, and details for sign-ups.

Refresh Overall

After conducting a site-wide overhaul, the Evolution Plan’s website refresh was completed with stunning results. The final product was an aesthetically appealing and easy-to-navigate website with a distinct industry advantage.


As an addition to the Evolution Plan, our professional photographers visited the Plus 2 University training center. There, they used top-notch camera equipment and gear to capture the most visually compelling aspects of the building. By integrating with the entire training staff, the web evolution process was truly a team effort. Throughout the process, we developed a deep understanding of Plus 2 that we used to strengthen their digital presence.

SEO + Google My Business

Discoverability and exposure are key to any business, but are especially important within the athletic training industry.

By setting up Google My Business, utilizing SEO keywords, and integrating metadata into the site, our Carbon Web team significantly improved Plus 2 University’s website presence as part of the Evolution Plan.

Real-Time Analtyics

We also added intelligent tracking mechanisms to the website, not only linking analytics, but also providing Eric and his team with clear KPIs to monitor progress. In turn, we were able to look at visitor data to make critical decisions. By analyzing page pathways and bounce rates, we created a streamlined process to direct visitors toward the pricing tables. As a result, conversions experienced a noticeable uptick.

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Eric Lichter

Co-Founder of Plus 2 University