Contractor Services Company Elevates Their Brand.

Project Overview

What is Takeoff Monkey?

Takeoff Monkey is a professional contractor services provider. They specialize in creating project takeoffs for landscaping, irrigation, building construction, and property maintenance in commercial and residential projects.

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Project Process


First, we take the time to understand their brand, the benefits they provide to their industry, and the website's purpose.


Next, we created a wireframe of their future site, mocking up the structure and layout to gauge content and user flow.

Visual Design

Here we let the creative come to life, thinking about how the website will look and function with color, typography, and branded assets.


Then we create a 1-1 mock version of the website in Figma to show the client exactly what the site will look like before development begins.


Finally, our development team built the website on WordPress with Elementor. Once completed, we finished the site with Yoast SEO.

Main Goals


Create a modern and accessible website for users in the construction/contractor industry to upload documents and requirements to receive project takeoffs quickly.

Mobile version

The mobile site needed to be fully responsive to accommodate users in the field while still maintaining all the content from the web version.

Mobile version

The mobile version needed to be fully responsive to accomate users in the field, while maintaining all the content from the web version.

Web Version

The primary function of the website is to initiate project takeoffs. Takeoff Monkey clients work in a variety of project verticals. Their Project Uploader can handle up to 250MB files, far above the capacity of your average file uploader on a website.


Effort in wireframes shows through in the final design

Takeoff Monkey Wireframe


six Pages, one conversion point

The website structure is straightforward, presenting information strategically to fully immerse first-time visitors in Takeoff Monkey’s brand and services. All pages are focused on directing the user to the Project Upload page with the use of accent color CTAs.

Components & Styles

Layout Grid


Creating sleek but functional icons was essential for the site. Using the accent color, we’ve crafted lined icons that represent their brand, reflect their industry, and convey meaning across their website.





Home Page

The Home Page quickly explains the brand and is framed to entice the user to scroll down while using the accent color to direct users. The homepage provides users with everything they need to get started with Takeoff Monkey, including an FAQ section.


About us

An About Us page needs to introduce and explain the company right away. Fortunately, they had a video perfect for this. So we opened this page with that video breaking down the Takeoff Monkey process and benefits in under 3 minutes.


Our work

The Our Work page displays the variety of different services Takeoff Monkey offers; ready for sub-pages in the future.


Project upload

Every webpage focuses on one thing, the Project Upload CTA. Takeoff Monkey has one point of conversion to ensure a smooth, swift, and accurate service, ensuring they continue processing billions in project value annually.



The articles page creates quick and easy ways to access articles published throughout their industry mentioning or featuring Takeoff Monkey.


Every site we build using WordPress with Elementor.  This enables our clients to easily manage and update their site on their own if they prefer.

The development time was roughly two weeks, including SEO, with the addition of the Our Work page getting added separately following the site’s soft launch.

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